4 Inch Penis – Is A Four Inch Penis Too Small?

With 5-6 inches being the widely known “average” penis size, a 4 inch penis essentially falls under the “below average” category. It is the most common small penis size.

And now that brings us to the question we all want an answer to: Is a 4 inch penis too small? Or, is a 4 inch penis enough in most cases?

Let’s start by examining the women’s penis size preference chart below:


Source: penissizedebate.com

If we examine the chart above, it seems that not only is length a big factor in sexually satisfying a female, but another area of concern is girth. There are too many of us out there that have not only small penises, but penises that lack girth (the circumference of your penis).

In both penis length and girth/circumference, 4 inches falls under E (not satisfying) meaning that many women actually find that this particular penis size is too small in length and girth.

On the flip side, you can make the most of your 4 inch penis with various sex positions that allow for deeper penetration which I will be posting here soon. Some women, particularly the more petite ladies also find that 4 inches is the perfect size for them. It really depends on the girl in some cases.