Do Enlargement Oils Work?

Penis enlargement oils are meant to be applied directly to the penis. Due to this transdermal delivery system, they make it very quick for the ingredients to be absorbed by the skin upon application. If you want quick enhancement results, this topical male enhancement is a perfect choice.

Transdermal delivery system is a method of applying oils or lubricants directly to the penis. The same method used in drug patches like those nicotine and pain reliever patches. Through its unique formulation, this helps the ingredients to be absorbed by the skin easily and quickly, giving almost instant results for enhancing a man’s erection size, firmness and improving blood flow throughout the penile area.

The Oil’s all-natural ingredients along with the transdermal delivery system deliver a synergistic blend of ingredients specifically designed to benefit a man’s penile health. This amazing blend of herbal ingredients makes this product safe and effective. Furthermore, it has been skin-tested safe.

Germany’s new transdermal technologies have made it possible to encapsulate active herbal ingredients into an oil to be applied topically providing an immediate effect. Male enhancement or male erection oils are ideally silky, non-greasy and very well compatible with condoms.

It provides naturally occurring nutrients and herbal extracts directly to the male organ via a breakthrough method known as the transdermal method. This is the latest scientific development in beneficial nutrient absorption through the skin, so the naturally-derived therapeutic ingredients, botanical extracts, vitamin complexes and antioxidants go straight into the tissues of the penis, creating fast and effective results.

Male enhancement oils are designed to penetrate the deepest layers of the penile tissue and testicles instantaneously and give noticeable results within 30 to 90 seconds upon application. Because the absorption is direct to the genitals using the transdermal method, 95% of the beneficial ingredients are absorbed, compared to approximately 5% to 10% with an herbal capsule or tablet.

Furthermore, it has one other big advantage as it lets you be ready for anything at any time. The last minute nature of this product means you can use it right when you need it with nothing else to remember or take.
Male enhancement oils are part of the next generation of sexual products, and are revolutionizing the industry with their effectiveness. Although commonly referred to as oils, many of these products are water-based. The Oil is water-based maintaining its maximum effectiveness when used with condoms.

If you are looking for a new technique to make your gains, then oils may be just what you need. If you’re tired of jelqing or using extenders, then all you’ll have to do is apply it right on top of your skin and let it do its job. In fact, since there are not side effects associated with condoms, you can even lube up the inside of one and work on your gains while you’re satisfying that special woman in your life!

There really isn’t much to lose by giving oils a shot. If they don’t work, you can always go back to your normal routine.

Do You Have a Micro Penis?

You may be wondering how you measure up with average penis sizes, or even if you’re one of the thousands of men who have a micro penis. If you want to find out, measuring and comparing with the definition of a micro penis is extremely easy.

The first thing you should have in mind is that all measurements must be taken while standing. Now, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

* Begin by getting yourself a strong erection. Use porn, imagination, or whatever works best for you.
* Hold your penis parallel to the floor.
* Take a ruler and press it gently against your abdomen as shown in the picture below. Press relatively hard, as some of the fat “hides” a part of your penis. This is especially true for larger people.
* Record this measurement down on the paper

It is important to keep in mind that the size of the erection isn’t always the same and depends on some factors, including time of day, temperature and how aroused you happen to be. For this reason, you should ideally measure yourself 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening) for three consecutive days. Then sum all the numbers up and divide them by nine, which in turn will give you, your average penile length.

Pressing hard into the pubic fat is justified by the fact that some men have more fat and pubic hair then other. Furthermore, during intercourse the “hidden” part of the penis can also go in depending on position and how deep you thrust. An easy way to make your penis appear larger is to simply lose weight or have liposuction in that area! Shaving also helps, especially if you have a really large bush!
Generally speaking, if you are an adult:

* You probably have a micro penis if your penis is less than 9 cm (~3.5 inches) long
* You have a small penis, but within the normal range, if you are anywhere between 9 to 12 cm (3.5 to 4.7 inches)
* Any penis between 12 to 16 cm (4.7 to 6.2 inches) is considered to be a normally sized penis
* Consider yourself to be lucky if your penis is 16-20 cm (6.2 to 7.8 inches). You are above average!
* Even bigger? Congratulations, you meet all the qualifications to become a successful male porn star!

No matter where you fall on the scale, it is important to remember that you don’t have to live with the size of your penis. There are many, many ways for men of all ages to increase their size and have the dick that they’ve always dreamed of having.

Being small is nothing at all to be a ashamed about, but if you don’t take the steps necessary to change your life, then you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. Always remember that your penis size is and always will be up to you. Don’t waste time worrying about your size, just make up your mind to change it for the better!

Do Women Really Prefer a Bigger Penis?

A new study has been conducted among women and their penis size preferences and the results are in. It turns out that when women have one night stands, they absolutely do prefer a man with a huge cock. This isn’t really surprising, but to see the information in cold, hard data just makes you realize how important penis size really is.

For one night stands, size does matter, but it’s not penis length that women are concerned about, it’s girth. In the study, 41 women viewed and handled penises made on a 3D printer. The models were blue, and ranged in size from 4 inches long and 2.5 inches in circumference to 8.5 inches long and 7 inches in circumference. They were asked to pick which of the 33 models they would prefer for a one-time partner, and which they would prefer for a long-term partner.

For one night stands, women selected penis models with slightly larger girth, on average, than those they selected for long-term relationships, but there was no difference in length between the penises they preferred for one-time partners versus those they preferred for long-term partners: In either case, women tended to choose penises that were about 6.5 inches long.

The vagina has many pressure-sensitive nerve endings that detect sensations of stretching, and these sensors may be finely tuned to detect variations in penis girth, the researchers said. A penis with larger girth may also bring the clitoris closer to the vagina during sex, which has been suggested to help with achieving orgasm.

Previous studies on whether penis size matters have had mixed results: A 2012 study of more than 300 women found that 60 percent said penis size made no difference to them, but that those who frequently experienced vaginal orgasms were more likely to prefer longer penises. And a study published last year found that whether women prefer larger penises depends on the proportions of the man’s body, with larger penises being more important to them in bigger men.

However, many past studies have relied on images, or used terms such as “small,” “medium” and “large” when gauging women’s penis preferences, and these terms may have different meanings to different people, Leung said. The new study, on the other hand, is the first to use 3D printed models, which meant women could physically handle them.
It turns out that when women are presented with an actual representation of a penis that they can hold and imagine penetrating themselves, they naturally went with the bigger, thicker one almost every single time. So, the next time that someone tries to convince you that size doesn’t matter, you know that they are lying right to your face and trying to hold you back! Got for your dreams and try to get your gains today. Having a bigger cock will be the best thing that has ever happened to you and you will be enjoying the benefits of being an alpha male for the rest of your life!

How to Increase Your Gains

There are tons of ways and many different devices out there to increase your size, but unless you’re also doing the behind the scenes work, you’re wasting a lot of you effort. When you put your exercises together with the right nutrition and supplements, then you will see your gains come much faster and be much more noticeable.

Physical stress provides the stimulus for growth, but without a well-balanced diet your body will find it difficult to grow, no matter how committed you are to your workouts. In that sense at least, working out your penis is like exercising to increase muscle mass. Your gains are entirely dependent on providing your body with a consistent supply of nutrients for optimum repair and growth.

Unfortunately, by the time most of us start to actively attempt to improve our penile size, puberty is long gone; so we no longer have that heady mix of adolescent growth hormones surging around our bodies to compensate for a poor diet. Although we no longer have the benefits of puberty, there’s still a lot you can do to optimize the conditions for penile growth, it’s simply a case of optimizing your diet and your nutrient intake.

Now, there’s absolutely no need to stick to a strict bodybuilder type diet as your penis is after all, a comparatively small organ, but it is helpful to at least be mindful of the bodybuilder’s growth mindset. If you commit to the information offered here, then you will be well on your way to getting the gains you want faster.

The regular intake of protein helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in your body, which is a prerequisite of tissue growth. To accelerate penile growth further, consider using a high quality male enhancement supplement.
A lot of men notice pretty rapid gains when they combine them with exercise because of two direct effects they have on the penis. First off, they contain ingredients called vasodilators, which expand the arteries feeding the penis with blood, therefore increasing penile blood flow. Secondly, they contain precursors, which are the building blocks of the male sex hormone testosterone, helping to increase your body’s testosterone levels.

Basically, a stronger supply of blood to the penis ensures that the stressed penile tissues receive all the oxygen and nutrient rich blood they need to efficiently recover and grow from the trauma of exercise. The improved penile blood flow also ensures that during erection the penis is always stretched to its current full capacity, therefore preventing loss of gains achieved.

A powerful psychological edge is extremely important to have. Supplements can’t permanently increase your penis size without the aid of exercise, but they do promote massively swollen erections, which may look one half to one inch bigger than normal. Until the permanent effects of exercise kick in, seeing an almost immediate size increase can give you a massive motivation boost.

Simple, right? If you add these steps to your routine, you are guaranteed to get the gains you want much more quickly!

Should you use a pump?

I spent a while using my penis pump and, I saw some gains, but it was nothing to really write home about. My wife was having a bit more fun in the bedroom, and the gains were permanent, but they just weren’t reaching the levels that I had wanted them to reach. I was seriously considering moving on to a different method of enlargement when I read an article that really changed things for me.

Apparently, you can spend all of the time in the world with a pump and only see moderate gains, no matter how serious you are about using it. The trick is to exercise your PC muscle in conjunction with your pump routine.

The way a pump works is that it stretches your muscles and inflates your blood vessels, which in turn makes your penis bigger. However, if you don’t have an increased blood flow to go along with your inflated vessels, then the gains disappear as the vessels retract. This is where the PC muscles comes it.

When you exercise your PC muscle, you make it easier for the blood to flow into your penis. Once that happens, the blood vessels have something to fill them up and keep them at the enhance size. This means that you get more gains for the same amount of time spent with a pump. It’s a very simple concept, but one that is very easy to overlook if you haven’t heard about it before.

Actually exercising the PC muscles is really easy to do, as well. If you have ever had to stop yourself peeing mid-stream, then you have flexed your PC muscle. Doing that simple move is all you need to master in order to work out the muscle. You are going to want to work out some kind of schedule where you do reps and hold the tension for a given amount of time, bu8t there really isn’t much more to it than that. You don’t even have to be peeing when you do it.

Erect or flaccid, sitting or standing, you can work out your PC muscle whenever you want and make it strong enough to increase the blood flow into your penis. Once you work out a simple routine, you are going to start seeing even more gains from your pump and you are going to be very happy with the results. This is a very small amount of extra work to get a whole lot of extra gain from your typical pump routine.

If you have the time to use a pump, then you definitely have the time to exercise your muscles. You may even be able to cut back on the tie that you spend with the pump once the gains start rolling in after your start your new exercise. Trust me when I say that if you are not seeing the gains that you want from your pump, then you should really try this simple trick before giving up on it.


Average Erect Penis Size by Age

Below is a list of the average erect penis size according to age. 

– 0-5 months: 1.5 inches (Stretched Penile Length)
– 6-12 months: 1.7 inches (Stretched Penile Length)
– Age 1-2: 1.9 inches (Stretched Penile Length)
– Age 2-3: 2 inches (Stretched Penile Length)
– Age 3-5: 2.2 inches (Stretched Penile Length)
– Age 5-8: 2.6 inches (Stretched Penile Length)
– Age 10: 2.9 inches (7.4 cm)
– Age 12: 3.4 inches (8.6 cm)
– Age 13: 4.0 inches (10.1 cm)
– Age 14: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
– Age 15: 5.1 inches (12.9 cm)
– Age 17: 5.6 inches (14.3 cm)
– Age 19: 5.9 inches (15 cm)

3 Inch Penis Sex Positions – 2 Great Ways to Use Your 3 Inch Penis

3 inch penis? No problem.

Below are two great positions to get more bang with your wang.

1) Scissor-style position

Minimizes barriers to entry.
Downside is it’s not very comfortable for the man and can quickly get tiring. Tiring yourself out too quickly can result in losing your erection, so it’s best to pace yourself and not try to screw like the guys you see in porn videos.

2) Scissor-style position alternative

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-48" src=" viagra sur ordonnance.jpg” alt=”sexposition4″ width=”300″ height=”216″ />
Also minimizes barriers to entry and may be more enjoyable for the man. Will not hamper on endurance as much as the first position where the angle is slightly uncomfortable.

I Have A Micropenis – Is There Still Hope?

Micropenis occurs in about 0.6% of males, it is an extremely rare condition and is often a result of a birth defect or hormone disorder. It may also occur as a part of genetic malformation and is sometimes a result of a growth hormone deficiency.

A micropenis is an unusually small penis and may be recognized after birth. For an adult, a micropenis would be smaller than about 7 cm (2 3/4 inches) with the average erect size for adult males being 12.5 cm (5 inches).

Is There Still Hope With a Micropenis?

Of course there is! There have been many cases where people from forums like and have gone from being below average (3 inches and under) to gaining as much as 2 inches in mere months (from as little as 3 months).  Although I don’t have a link with me right now, there was one guy in particular who had a 1 inch erect micropenis and he managed to grow to 3.5 inches in the span of 6 months. He even posted progress pictures.

The simple answer is it CAN be done. And it can be done without invasive surgery. There are many penis enlargement guides freely available on websites like PEGym and ThundersPlace. If you care enough about yourself to give it a try and stick to it, it’s only a Google search away viagra naturel acheter.

I also recommend that you avoid falling into the toxic trap that can be described as the “cycle of comparison”. It is never-ending. Stop watching porn and comparing yourself to the guys you see in the videos, it will only serve to further nurture a negative self-image of yourself and your penis.

Also, keep in mind, there are women out there who actually prefer smaller penises. Some even have a fetish for unusually small penises, and it’s not as rare as you think.

Average Asian Penis Size

For the Asian male who is curious about the average Asian penis size and how it compares to the global average, the diagram below will satisfy your curiosity.

Global average: 5.5 inches
South East Asian average: 4.3 inches

South Korea & North Korea: 3.8 inches
Thailand, Cambodia, Laos: 4 inches
Myanmar & China: 4.2 inches
Philippines & Japan: 4 prix du viagra 100.3 inches
Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore: 4.5 inches
Indonesia: 4.6 inches

5 Small Penis Sex Positions – How To Get More of Your Manhood Inside Her

1) Missionary Position

Probably the best position that will allow for deeper presentation, depending on your lady’s size. Placing a pillow under the arch of her back for added support will make it easier for you to have a good angle through which you can strike more deeply, allowing you to hit good spots despite your length.

2) Missionary Position #2 (recommended)

Additionally, you can also try to lift her legs up so that they are placed upon your shoulders. Having her lower back and ass slightly elevated will allow for even deeper penetration.

Refer to the image below for a better explanation of the position:



3) Doggy Style Position

Another great position that allows for deep penetration. One of the most favored sex positions following the missionary position, and generally enjoyed by both men and women.

There are various angles from which you can try the doggy position, but it would be easier to explain and illustrate with some pictures.

Classic doggy style position:

If your woman has a relatively large ass or thick thighs, changing the angle may help you get deeper inside her.

Alternatively, you can also try a standing doggy position where you will have her against the wall and penetrate her from behind.  This may be quite difficult  if you are taller than her, but you can always get her to stand on something so you can penetrate from behind more comfortably. However, if you are slightly shorter than her or around the same height, standing doggy position is a must-try.

Another standing doggy position worth trying is having the girl on all fours at the foot of the bed. From there you can penetrate her while standing next to the foot of the bed.

4) Cow Girl Position

The cow girl position is basically where the girl is on top, riding your manhood. The name is pretty self-explanatory. Only downside to this position is it can be tiring for the girl and the constant thrusting can be particularly painful for her hips. However, this position does allow the girl to control the angle at which you penetrate and how deeply you can penetrate her.

5) The Slide

Similar to the missionary position, but with the female lying on top of you instead. In this position it would be best for your woman to keep her legs straight while sliding up and down your manhood. This will keep her vaginal walls extra tight, allowing you to fill her up more.

Since her legs will ideally be perfectly straight in this position and kept together (closed), it would be somewhat difficult for her to slide up and down your manhood using her legs. She will have to use her hands to grab your shoulders  to pull herself up, and push against your shoulders or body to slide down your penis. It can be quite the workout for your woman, but all for good cause 150 mg generic viagra.

Sorry I don’t have any picture to illustrate..