Ways to Increase Your Penis Size

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So much time is spent discussing ways to increase your penis size and so many websites are dedicated to getting you information on how you can get your gains, but what about the other part of your total package? What does the man who wants to increase his testicle size do and should he even consider doing it?

Well, the simple answer is: yes, you should care about your testicle size and want to increase it along with your penis. Not only will your total package look much more impressive if your testicle size matches your penis size, but having a larger sack will lead to healthier sperm and an overall better circulatory system.

Luckily enough, increasing your testicle size is extremely simple. Your testicles still respond to sex hormones and can fluctuate wildly in size depending on your hormonal state. So, if you’re looking to maximize the size of your entire package you need to balance your testosterone-estrogen ratio for the bigger testicles, and jelq your penis for the bigger package. This is a system that will work every single time.

The best way to approach this is to jelq for enlargement AND for testosterone production, because jelqing can help you with both. But it must be done right for this to happen and your success will all boil down to your ejaculation strategy going in.

A typical jelqing session will start when your penis is in a flaccid state. But after 5 minutes or so, most men will achieve an erection. An orgasm at this point would be counterproductive, because it will lead to a noticeable decrease in testosterone, which can easily be verified by feeling your shrinking testicles, but if you hold off on the ejaculation you’ll get a nice penis stretch and the bump in testosterone that always happens when you jelq without ejaculating.

This will eventually lead to permanently larger testicles and a very impressive looking package. When you add this to the health benefits that you’re receiving, it becomes a no brainer as to whether or not you should be worried about your nuts.

There are also several ball jelqing techniques that will get you some testicular gains. These exercises are pretty simple and should obviously be done while you8 carefully monitor any pain, but here’s an example:

Regular Ball Jelqing

1. Lube your balls.
2. Grab your balls reverse ok grip
3. Start milking your scrotum from right under the penis down to the balls
4. Milk hand over hand just like regular jelqing.

Advanced Penis/Ball Jelq

1. Lube Penis and balls
2. Grab Penis with left hand extreme base and balls with right reverse ok grip, milk to the glands with left and milk to balls with right. Then switch hands and to the exact opposite, right hand on balls and left on penis.
3. Milk hand over hand just like regular jelqing.

And there you have it! Increasing your testicle size is just as simple as increasing your penis size and should not be overlooked. Please, focus on your entire package!