How to Warm Up Before Your Work Out

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Prior to performing any penis exercises, or even doing penis enlargement routines using pumps or extenders, warming up is vital. The warm-up and warm-down are both of concern to avoid penile injury. Fundamentally, warming up is preparing the penis so that it is ready when subject to stretching and squeezing.

Never attempt to perform penis exercise without warming up the penis initially, just as with the typical body workout such cardio and strength training, warm-up is very valuable. A well warmed up penis will not only avoid injury but can fully benefits the maximum effect of the exercises.

There are three basic ways that you can warm up your penis:

* Sitting a few minutes in a sauna or a spa.
* Dipping the penis into a cup with warm water.
* Wrapping the penis with warm towel.
* Taking a bath under a hot shower.

Since you probably don’t have a sauna in your basement and won’t want to wash a penis cup after every workout, let’s focus on the wrapping method first. Using a rice sock is the most common way that men do about it.

This method or means of warming up the penis is very inexpensive. It is the same rice sock that is use to relieve pains, discomforts, and encourage relaxation in pregnant women and during labor. Moreover, the rice sock can be made easily using a few items that are readily available at home. You literally pour rice into a sock and heat it up, that’s it!

* Heat the rice sock for 45 to 90 seconds in the microwave oven.
* Check the rice sock temperature. Let it cool down if it is way too hot for the penis to handle. On the other hand, put the rice sock back into the oven if it is not hot enough.

You can also use an infrared heating lamp if you happen to have one. It isn’t as dangerous as it sounds.
Cover the testicles with any protective fabric such as socks. The socks also prevents slippage when performing the exercises. The main reason why the testicles need to be protected from infrared light, sperm cells cannot survive at body temperature and above. Although, the exposure of the testicles to the IR light can affect sperm count short-term, it is a smart idea to be always on the safe side.

The infrared heating lamp must be positioned at least 18 inches from the penis. It is risky to position the IR heating lamp closer to the penis as it may burn the skin. Eighteen inches is a good starting point, but feel free to move farther away if it is way too hot at 18 inches distance.

Allow warming up of the penis with infrared heating lamp between 5 to 10 minutes. This ensures the penis is warmed up fully and ready for exercising. When the penis is warmed up fully, begin performing the penis exercises immediately.

And that’s really it! Make sure you warm up before working out to prevent any injuries!